4001 Windshields (2 pair) window glass & sealed beam headlights

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Windshields, two sets with and without the perimeter gasket.  This is best detail-painted with the edge of a fresh black "Sharpie" marker.  Porthole Glasses (6).  Headlight glass (5 pieces for all versions) in thick (to accept etched rim "gasket") and standard thin.  Cab Door glass,  Cab Window glazing, low (early) and high (late).  Classification Lamp lenses (pair).  End Door window glasses (two) Number Boards glazing set (6 pieces) for all sets of number boards.  A drill guide for the carbody mounted classification lamp apertures (a 1/32" diameter drill required) and two types of Dual Sealed Beam Headlight Housings.  These best accept 1/32" diameter, single end lead type of 1.5 Volt incandescent bulbs. Use of a dropping resistor enhances bulb life.

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