Universal F Series A Unit Kit (without screens or grilles)

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Universal F Series A Unit Kit

Universal F Series A Unit Kit --This kit can be built into any F Series A Unit:

 F2 A, F3 A Phases I-IV, F7 A Phase I "Early & Late" as well as Phase II, and F9 A. 

 In addition due to our design, many of the unique modifications done over the years by the railroads themselves are achievable with little effort.  Such modifications as a mixture of low and high fans, differing types of between the porthole carbody filters, even the relocation of the portholes, or their complete elimination.  As well as the very interesting mix for example of F9 side panels with an F3 roof configuration or vice versa.  The choice is entirely yours!

 --This kit includes all of the following individual Highliners parts in one complete kit, (less the screens or grilles, which are available separately):

 Highliners plastic parts item numbers:

 1005  (A Unit Shell) and Detail Parts:

 2101      3101      3106      4001

2102      3102      3107

2103      3103      3108

2104      3104      3109

2105      3105      3111

 Highliners photo-etched stainless steel parts also included:

 Items number:




Sample assembled model photos:

 First is an EMD F7 A, an F7 A, Phase Ib ("late") to be more specific. It differs in two small regards from the original 1952 "Globe" (later the Athearn F7A, still in-production to this day)  the roof top "Winterization Hatch" (directly over the rear-most roof top cooling fan, an optional and included detail on our kit) and the cab door with the smaller window and integral drip molding.  Aside from those two details, this model follows the same specific prototype as did the 66 year-old Athearn/Globe original F7 tooling.

The second locmotive pictured is an F3 Phase II (early) with tall fans,

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