The F2/F3 Phase I A&B Units

Here is an interesting version of the prototype that is rarely modeled as the majority of the prototype engines were quite rapidly modernized in appearance during their working lives in order to keep pace with that of the newer locomotives. These F2's and "Phase I" F3's, were the very first produced Post War F Units after the final production FT's of 1945 and appeared as seen here with the tall 34" diameter roof top cooling fans and with matching A&B Unit carbody sides :  with three portholes on each with relatively limited screened-in areas.  Those areas are seen here fitted with Highliners ultra-transparent and ultra-fine true to scale (.003" thick!) pre-blackened, photo-etched 302 Half-Hard stainless steel screens.  Note too the small nose mounted number boards with integral classification lamps.  We include both the three and four numeral small type number boards in our kit.

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