VERY Limited Edition One Piece FP7/9 Shell Kit (without grilles)

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FP7-9 Shell Kit

This kit can be built into any FP7 Phase I or Phase II (including the Canadian variants) as well as U.S. and Mexican FP9s. Canadian FP9's as pictured, require the purchase of 4 additional detail parts listed below.

 This kit includes all of the parts in the standard A Unit kit (minus a Highliners #1005, the standard length A Unit shell). Included instead is an Athearn* one piece FP type body shell with pre-cored hand rail & grab iron holes and an additional parts tree from Athearn*,  as well as another tree of parts from Highliners: item #3110, please see the kit parts photo and also "Plastic Parts" for more information.

The first image is of a Canadian Pacific version of the FP9, the other two views (without carbody grilles) are of the standard FP7 in the Phase II configuration.

This extremely limited run FP7/9 kit includes the following parts which are exclusive to this kit:

 -- Athearn*  One Piece FP shell with pre-cored handrail/grab iron apertures

 -- Athearn*  FP parts tree containing:

a)  Six Carbody lift lugs,

b)  Water Tank, Battery Brackets and

c)  Modified Fuel Tank Skirts, and other small parts etc.

 -- Highliners FP parts tree (Item #3110) containing these needed components:

a)  Forward Carbody Porthole/Louvers for all versions of the FP's,

b)  Fuel Tank Side Skirt Ends,

c)  Dynamic Brake Area, Revised Structural Diagonals,

d)  Grille Area Filler Panels (2)

 --Highliners item #2005: Photo-Etched A Unit end door and frame.

 In addition to the above listed components, also included (as well as pictured) is a complete set of the standard Highliners F Series A Unit kit components:

 Highliners plastic parts item numbers:

2101      3101      3106      4001

2102      3102      3107

2103      3103      3108

2104      3104      3109

2105      3105      3111

 Highliners photo-etched stainless steel parts item numbers:




 *Note:  Athearn items are made in China.

The depicted Canadian Pacific (or C.N.) FP9, requires the following additional items not included in the FP7/9 or the standard A Unit kit, but each of these items are individually available from HIGHLINERS:

 1)  Double height "Winterization Hatch".  This is made by cementing an additional Highliners item #3105 to the upper surface of this same type of "Winterization Hatch" included with this kit.

 2)  A machined from sheet brass "outwards opening nose door" with integral top drip molding and three external side hinges, is available custom-machined and priced at $15.00 U.S.  If demand warrants, a photo-etched version will be produced at a then lower price.

3)  Farre-Aire, Vertical Slit Grilles

4)  Lastly, the Southwestern Model Company's:  "Roof Top Coils".

NOTE:  When on hand supplies of the above Athearn parts are exhausted, this FP7/9 one piece shell kit will no longer be available.  To avoid disappointment, you are well advised to promptly place your order!

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